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M/S Govindkumar Jethmal & Co. a more than 100 year old Firm in Kutch established its root in Bhuj City in year 1974.

The Business of Wholesale Food Grains,Tea,Rice,Oil,Bajar,Wheat and many more eatables has floorished in this long time span.With the changing time and demand and taste of customers the company has managed to live upto the expectations of the clients and henc e is enjoying as one of the Leader in their respective Field.

As the need of the time and arising of a business opportunity the company added features like supplying eatable materials of all type to many canteens established in Big Companies which are growing in Kutch district by many folds.

As the new Generations got engaged in the company they not only increased to current business but also adopted the diversification in the various segments.

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welder and turner
we need employees for welding and turning.

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Computer Operator
Basic Knowledge of Computer.

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HR Manager
Fluency in English,Convincing Power,Controlling Power.

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Marketing Manager
Convincing Power,Smart,Enthusiastic,Hard worker

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Tele Caller
Basic Knowledge of Computer

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